sandy spence

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"Alice and the Book of Wonderland" at Annapolis Shakespeare Company:

"...jaw-droppingly gorgeous work by Sandra Spence..."

Theatre Bloom, July 31, 2017, by Joshua Engel

"Twelfth Night" at Annapolis Shakespeare Company:

"The crowning glory which ties all of the production elements together in Boyett’s vision is the sartorial selection procured by Costume Designer Sandra Spence. Demonstrating an intricate working knowledge of both form and figure when it comes to 1929 in Hollywood, Spence lavishes decadence upon both the Lady Olivia and Duke Orsino. Not unlike Jean Harlow or Norma Talmadge, the look achieved for Olivia is true Hollywood starlet: the knotted pearl lavalier, the pristine makeup plot, the ruched black gloves, each component in place to procure the perfect look. Spence does an equally dapper job of outfitting the gentlemen what with their spiffy suits, classy cantoniers, and generally polished looks. Even the servants fit the period in an elegant fashion, particularly Malvolio with his pristinely pressed linens and upwardly mobile fashion sense".

Theatre Bloom, October 17, 2016, by Amanda N. Gunther


"Costume Designer Sandra Spence has done a terrific job dressing Poe and She in outfits that feel authentically mid- 19th Century. They subtly add to the spectacle of the performance without distracting from the acting or the story".

DC Metro Theatre Arts, October 7, 2016, by Charles Green

College #5:

"Antony & Cleopatra" at Illinois Shakespeare Festival:

"Staples negotiates Cleopatra’s near-constant mood swings as easily as she wears her stunning costumes."

The Pantagraph, July 14, 2014, by Nancy Steele Brokaw

"Macbeth" at Illinois Shakespeare Festival:

"Quinlan and his designers ratchet up the theatrical tension....Sandy Childers' terrific modern-meets-medieval costumes...combine to excellent effect."

A Follow Spot, July 10, 2013, by Julie Kistler

"A Flea In Her Ear":

"The costumes are gorgeous."  

The Pantagraph, November 8, 2011 by Nancy Steele Brokaw

“Sandy Childers’ costume design puts stylish Paul Poiret looks in vivid colors on the fashionable ladies, dialing down to a bit more Toulouse-Lautrec feel for the demimonde.”

A Follow Spot, November 5, 2011, by Julie Kistler


"Costume Designer Sandy Childers imaginatively achieves the transformations from Human to Beast."  

The Pantagraph, March 26, 2010 by Marcia Weiss   

"A Little Night Music":

"The gorgeous costumes...describe not only the time period, but also the individual characters."

View Magazine, May 1998

"The first standout that immediately strikes the viewer is the...costumes, which vividly create a dreamy art nouveau oasis."

City Weekly, May 14, 1998